Illinois, IL

Illinois is the 25th largest state and the 5th most populous state in the United States.  It is known as the Land of Lincoln as U.S. President Abraham Lincoln was living in Illinois at the time of his election in 1860.  The construction of the Saint Lawrence Seaway helped transform the state, and its largest city of Chicago, into a major trading hub.

Illinois’ position between the Great Lakes and the Ohio River has long made it an important trade state, with its ports and airports experiencing high levels of activity year-round,  and its economy also boasts high industrial and agricultural output as well as substantial amounts of coal production.  The state’s numerous museums are a major draw for tourists, including the Lincoln Presidential Library which was noted to be the most visited presidential library in the United States.

Most of Illinois’ population is concentrated in the Chicago metro in the northeast corner of the state.  Much smaller concentrations can be found along the southwestern state line.


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